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Christmas day Celebration:

Celebrate Christmas Day 2k19

Hello friends, I very much welcome to my blog NK Monitor.

Friends, in this article today, we are going to talk about Christmas Day i.e. Merry Christmas. As you all know, Christmas Day is considered to be the biggest celebration of Christianity and in this festival all the people of the Christian community are very enthusiastic.

Congratulations to others and Christmas Day is not only Christianity but it is celebrated in all religions communities in India because it is also a very fun festival. This is why everyone enjoys it.

So, friends, in this article today, you will know some interesting things that you may not know about Christmas.

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Why Christmas Day is celebrated:

Friends, before discussing Christmas Day, we must first know why Christmas Day is celebrated and what are the reasons behind it which we and you do not know.

But still we celebrate this festival, friends, so in this article today, we will try to give you a completely accurate and better information about what is the main reason behind why Christmas is celebrated and what we should do on Christmas Day Keeping all the things in mind, we are presenting this article to you and friends, we will also tell you what to do on Christmas Day.

Friends, although many festivals are celebrated in Christianity, but the importance that is given to Christmas Day is not given to any other celebration, Mr. Friends now know the reason behind it, why is Christmas Day so important? Friends tell you for information

Christmas Day is celebrated as the birthday of Christ, Christmas Day is celebrated especially by Christians and friends, Christianity has the largest population in this world, although it is different that there are two types of Christianity.

Happy Christmas Day 2020

Christian religion believes this:

One Christianity believes that Jesus was lifted directly above the earth i.e. in Allah, whereas other Christians believe that Jesus Christ was not raised in the living Allah but he was hanged though I personally decide what is true and what is not true, because those who believe what they believe will be right.

All the messages that Jesus has given are in the human interest and not in contrast to the Eid of man, because friends, the world’s largest religion, which is Christianity, is a follower of Jesus Christ because friends of any religion. The preacher is not the same, it is obvious that the preacher of any religion will be the one who will have many good things.

Christmas Day is celebrated on 25th December and at 24:00 on the night of 24 December, the hours of all the church houses begin to speak and through this, the arrival message of the big day is given to all the people.

After that meetings begin in all the church houses and all the devotees participate with great enthusiasm in it, all the people start this festival by congratulating each other.

What should we do on Christmas Day:

Celebrate Christmas Day 2k19

Friends, then talk on the main topic that what should we do on Christmas Day so that our festival is full of happiness, then first of all I would like to tell you that on this day you should clean your house and after that you One should wear better clothes according to religion.

Whether it is a woman or a man or old man, but we should wear clothes according to our power and illuminate our house, friends must illuminate our house because light enhances the beauty of a festival, so we should Should light up.

After this, on Christmas Day, we should greet each other with sweets and give hugs.

Celebrate Christmas Day 2020

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What should we buy on Christmas Day:

Friends, as far as it is concerned, we must buy new clothes for ourselves at Christmas base and should also bring new items in the house and friends should bring toys for children if possible, after that we should decorate the church very well and light it Lets illuminate it so that the church looks very attractive so that the beauty of our festival will increase even more. Christmas Day is happy in every house, in fact, Christmas Day is celebrated in the same way as the Diwali festival of Hinduism, because the way Diwali is celebrated in Hinduism, in the same way Christmas  is also celebrated in Christianity.

How should we congratulate each other:

Friends, even though the number of Christians in India is small, but still Christians are seen almost everywhere, so friends, we need this whether we are from any religion whether Hindu or Muslim or Sikh, all of us Christian people Christmas must be greeted with a hug and it is also their duty to invite us to this auspicious festival and respect all religions.

Because friends, if you respect any religion, then you understand that you respect your religion because if you respect other religion then more people will respect your religion, so we must visit each other’s house in religious festivals. And we should also congratulate you with a big hug.

What happened on Christmas Day:

Although the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Christmas Day on 25 December, but according to the companions, Jesus Christ was not born on this day. Before the fourth century, people of the Christian community do not celebrate the birthday of Jesus as a festival. But by the fourth century, the birthday of Jesus began to be celebrated as Christmas Day and according to the Christian community, on this day Jesus Christ was born, so on this day Vitr has been considered.

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What are the traditions:

Traditions tell the importance of any festival; Similarly, the traditions of Christmas also show the characteristics of that festival. There are many traditions in this festival, in which a tree is decorated with sports toys.

According to this community, a person named Santa Claus was born after 280 years of Christ and that person used to go to the dark night by giving toys to the children and in this way he dedicated his whole life to Jesus Christ so today Children also wait for Santa Claus and in the darkest of the night some people wear toys like Santa Claus and distribute toys to children so that children feel like Santa Claus Sessions are only toys.

What happens Christmas tree:

How to make christmas tree: The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree started in Germany, but later in 19th century England also started decorating the Christmas tree, slowly this tradition started being celebrated in many countries and in today’s era, decorating the Christmas tree is a trend. It has become that in the Christmas tree, we also keep the fruits of food in which the save comes first.

Firstly a fur tree was decorated on the occasion of the birthday of Christ and later it came to be known as Christmas tree and friends today find Christmas tree-like plants comfortably in the market and we are the same Home as a Christmas tree.

Friends, keeping all these things in mind, we should celebrate the Christmas festival with great enthusiasm and light in our homes and greet each other with sweets and give hugs as well, friends here. Would like to finish.

Hope you have understood everything from the information we have given to why we celebrate Christmas and what are the reasons behind it that encourage us to celebrate Christmas Day Thank you for taking time on our blog .

Happy christmas day

Merry christmas

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